Mural making of in Clermont-Ferrand, FR.

In November 2022, Thomas Bringold was commissioned to paint a mural in Clermont-Ferrand, FR. Thomas has a special bond with this city because it’s where he was born and where he spent formative moments in his early twenties studying and working. This is where he made friends for life, where his family lives and for all these reasons, he’ll always feel attached to it. And he feels profoundly grateful to have been able to put his mark on it with this two-part mural. Even if it was cold, (which it was lol) Thomas had so much fun doing it.
As much as he loves Clermont-Ferrand, the city’s characteristic dark architecture (made from the local volcanic rocks) had always left him in a gloomy state, especially as winter starts to strike. Thomas Bringold’s goal with this project was to infuse the heart of the city with nature and color that won’t die or fade even as the temperatures drop.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and warmed him up with their words of encouragement, to the people in charge of commissioning this wall, and to his dear friend Ghis, who took time to document the process this through his lens.

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