Blooming, Solo Exhibition
Over the past few months, colorful shapes have been swarming the walls of Clermont-Ferrand city center. Following the thread, we land at number 14 rue Blaise-Pascal, in Atelier 14 of the De temps à autre association. This is indeed the home of the Blops, the symbols we’ve been following. Here, 32-year-old artist Thomas Bringold from Auvergne presents his singular universe, the fruit of years of introspection, doubts, risks and experiments.

Auvergne artist Thomas Bringold presents his third solo exhibition, Blooming, at L’Atelier 14, part of the De Temps à Autre association, from May 26 to June 11. He invites you to explore his colorful, vegetal world of paintings and sculptures. Attracted by hip-hop culture as a whole, graffiti was one of his first major influences and continues to inspire many of the shapes, colors and lines he uses today. He also offers workshops for the general public on customizing objects with paint, and wood carving and painting. With Blooming, Thomas Bringold will transport you into his universe, offering a breath of fresh air in the face of our sometimes chaotic society.

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