Exhibition at La Coccinelle, Allègre, France, 2022.

On Saturday 8th of October, La Coccinelle‘s team had the pleasure to host the exhibition opening of the artist Thomas Bringold, known as BRNGLD.
Self-taught artist, he takes his imagination from street-art, hip hop, graffiti and his experience in the digital world to invent and play around with the graphic patterns and themes that inspire him. When discovering his works, we sometimes think we recognize a letter, a word. But this is without counting the artist’s ability to play endlessly with colors, whose choice and contrasts can camouflage the message, to leave fthe door open to personal interpretation.
We thank Thomas Bringold for accepting our invitation and for lending us this selection of works until November the 30th of 2022, an unprecedented opportunity to appreciate his artistic work.
Text by La Coccinnelle translated by TB.
Mural making of in Clermont-Ferrand, FR.
Knauf France x Thomas Bringold

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