Knauf France x Thomas Bringold

At the beginning, there was no project, no planned meeting between art and industry and between the artist Thomas Bringold and the manufacturer Knauf.
What led to this rather unexpected collaboration was the idea of one of Knauf clients to get young artists from the European scene to work together with manufacturers known for their technical expertise and their product range. It was up to each of them to find their partner and develop a common project! Because creativity is born out of constraint…
In fact, Knauf chose Thomas Bringold, a young artist with ties to Auvergne and Berlin, to renovate and invest in the ceiling of a company meeting room. The challenge: to make a difference to its occupants between the before and after, thanks to a product with multiple assets, aesthetic, acoustic, natural …: Organic.
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Exhibition at La Coccinelle, Allègre, France, 2022.
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